Got fur??

Post date: Apr 28, 2012 8:47:25 PM

Well, there are many excellent options out there for getting rid of that unwanted hair with your furry family. I've been testing products de-shedding tools for over 20 years, and some have been great....then later eaten by the dog. Others have been a huge waste of money. However, you won't know until you try, right? Well, my latest "woot woot" goes to the Furminator. You can check out for endless options. I'm not sure about you, but I have "mad skills" when it comes to finding a good deal. I purchased mine from brand new with the package for half the price it normally runs. My entire home is cleaner, and the pets?....Well, a brushing session is one of their ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things! The 13 year old cat even loves his session, and we all know how cats can be, right? So, if you own one of the breeds that are infamous for hair such as my Lab/Golden mix...try it! Also, make sure you put it away, as my Rhodesian/Pit already ate the plastic cover :0