Need a solution for dog anxiety during the fireworks?

Post date: Apr 25, 2020 1:21:08 AM

Try the "Thundershirt" to help ease dog anxiety.



Is your dog afraid of thunder, fireworks or have other anxieties? Try Thundershirt- a terrific solution for dog anxiety.


Our mission is to help relieve the suffering of the millions of dogs dealing with anxiety and fear issues. In doing so, we hope to strengthen the bonds between dogs and their families, reduce the number of dogs abandoned, and help shelters and rescue groups place dogs in need of families.

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Thundershirt is a proven solution for dog anxiety. With over an 80% success rate, Thundershirt's gentle, constant pressure can eliminate fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, car anxiety, problem barking and more. Visit to see "Before and After" videos. Drug-Free. Easy to use. And a money-back guarantee.

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